Monday, April 18, 2011

new of me!

hell yeah!!!
like i say before this
i want change my life and make a new story
open the new book and write everything about the new life
no more black in my life only the white
but my attitude and fashion still same just a little bit that i makeover
dont be surprise when i show my new picture right?
why i make a new change???
i want be the one who always remember god and dont want hurt any other feelings
buy the way friends
maybe my *hidayah* come to me and make this decision 
but when i in hurry want to buy topup in night
sometime forget my shawl
oh my god....sorry...i want do in hurry...
and right now i fell comfortable with my new fashion
even sometime my friends see me like i in oven that cook 100 degres
so stupid u!!!no la....
not to hot laa...sometime feel cold even that time evening
just remember u change not because your see people wear shawl
but change because your heart and remember up stairs
do you want see my picture?
wait yaaa!!!!!!
if i get mood want to upload and not to lazy ...
i will upload but maybe not right now
im to lazy!!!!!!!
and right now i satisfied with my new change...
thanks to people that always beside me
and thanks to you MOHD AFIQ!
u always beside me and support what i do
u the only one the best guy i haven have!
thanks you my lovely dear...

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