Monday, April 18, 2011


i dont know how want to describe about you my dear
sometimes i feel so close with you 
sometimes like i never know you
why i must fall in love with you?
i dont know how want to say about our relationship
want to say just friendas but more
but want to say couple but just friends
the easy why laaaaa....
we fall in love but not ready to accept each other because our change not to enough 
and one more that we in love but friends....
oh my god!!!!what the hell i say right now???
i dont know how want to tell about you and me to other?
but i have lot of story that i want to tell to everybody
i dont know laaa!!!!!
so shit!!!><"
why i must be like this my dear???
u said that u love me but half 
and u said u want me but u not ready yet want me
ahhhh so many things that i dont know!
but we same stubborn and dont want hear what each other say
but sometimes we just accept it even we cannot say anything
why i fall in love with you?
to many reason!!!!
just u dont know how much feeling me at you
but sometimes when your words hurt my feeling 
i cry...and i dont know why
in my heart just say that 
"thanks that i never cry for boys anymore and right now your drop my tears even i dont know what the reason is..."
i scared that i will lose you
enough that i lose to many people that i love 
all my bestie that i love before this also leave me
but you my dear????
i dont want!i dont know why my feeling so hard want to leave you
hurm...i fell so lonely without you in my day....
just accept the true statement even sometime hurt my feelings
but went i lose you
maybe i dont know what its love and how want to love someone lot that people i love already leave me
thanks to you all that leave me...and never contact with me keyh
thanks very much all my dear that leave me
hurm....forget the useless people....
i dont want to remember the stupid idiot person(my english suck!)
and thanks to you mohd afiq
because of you i already change a little bit my attitude
i always want be your the one in you heart
and i always beside you....n.n

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