Saturday, April 16, 2011

for you my dear

thanks my lovely cute girl write about me at you blog
yes!!!i admit that we have a same story life
i really2 need you!and in my life only u my sister that i have
i miss the old time we together before this and i hope that i will get that time 
i want you!really2 only you
the reason why i love you because .....
u the great little sister i get and no other one like you
even long time that i never see you but our connection always near
our love always together and never lose even for a while
oh good thanks because give me a kind girl like this to me
i always thanks to you because make our love more deep everyday
and i hope that we can be together and make this world like us
even for a while and i hope that i will get it
my promise to you dear
i will love you till death no other can take this love from us
only you and me my dear
thanks for everything that we get before this

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