Tuesday, April 19, 2011

just you only

my dear...swear that i say at you i really2 fall in love with you
i dont know why i fall in love with you
why this happening at me my dear?
oh my god...
you always care about me and take care about me
in your heart only me the first
why huh?
always say that you love me and miss me
every time when i ask the kiss you always say
"nak kena tampar?"
sometimes.you just give
you are to completed to me right?
im so blur right now!!!!!
i want you but......i dont want you!
i love you but....i hate you!
can you explain my feelings right now to you?
can you?
im so confuse right now
oh my god
why i must be lie this
always thinking and remember about you my dear?
this answer i will know one day
thats means i will be your couple or bestfriends only
and when the right time tell me all the anwer
i will know everything and i will be the one that know whats is meaning of happiness and love
or whats meaning of sadness and crying
all this question will answer one day
and that day will come soon
so soon and i thing not to long right now
oh my god......
why i must do this alone!!!!
the most important that i want you know that
i love you more!day by day.....
and i hope that you will mine one day 
if not.....
we will be best friends for ever....
i dont want lose you and you the one that i have right now
you so mean to me!!!
you are everything to me!!!
thanks because come to in my life dear
143 forever!fullstop!XD

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