Saturday, January 22, 2011

i miss you!

even we separate for a while...
i miss you so much!
i dont know why!
hate when this felling come to me!
who i miss??
hahahhXD,i dont know!
maybe everything?yes!everything!
i miss my brother at perak,friends,my ex lover,the most important right now!
i call him as A
yeah!i miss you so much!
cannot forget about you!
you always be my happiness...but now?
and thats why i throw you away,far to far!
i hate loved somebody that dont love me!
to long that we not chat and contact each other
thats you call yourself boyfriend?
i think nope!
because 7month me couple u never show your love at me!
i tired!!!sad!!the most important that!
but thanks a lot that...
now i already single...
now i alone...hahahXD
nope lol....when i couple with you also like i alone
all people see us..they think that we a sweet couple
and happy together
the true is???only god know between us
hell yeah!!!right now i already started with my new life 
and change my life slowly
be someone that i want be that call!who i am!!!hahaXD
i always be like that...right?XD
i dont know what want to do this time!
be like a crazy day think about you
why i must think about you??
reason please!!!!!
1)u are my truely love that i love before this
2)because you always make my day happy
3)you the guys that too long i been loved before this
and why now i break with you?
also want a reason!!!
1)you never pay attention to me even that you always first friends!
2)you never care me as your girlfriends!
3)i like your rubbish!
why now i still think that i still love,miss and need you!
so now you hate him?
no!!i not hate him!but i just hate the way you treat me,,thats all
if you get one change that you will together with him what you do?
i dont want accept him anymore!!and i say that you are my past..thats all
and now?
i just miss you and wanna meet you thats all

p/s:right now already have someone that i waiting and love and i know that he dont want me!!yes!!thats not suite with you..

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