Saturday, January 22, 2011

i want you!

my lovely friends!!!
why you must to do this to me???
i just joking with you why you must take serious in this?
heyh my ham!
only you that i have!
no others!!!2,3,4,5,.....or blah,blah,blah
i want "pujuk"you i dont know!
because i only know how to tacing with others 
ohhh my ham!
dont do to me!!!
i miss you lol...every second that you did and make my day happy
i always want be you!!!"just a friends"
no others people that can take your place!
what must i o right now!!!arghh!!>.<
heyh ham!!!
come back!!!
i want you back!!!
you are mine lol!!!
just a cat that need their play friends
when u said that find a new ham
i really2 sad
and cry!so stupid right?
maybe i to love you and afraid that lose you!
if this more than friends i wanna forget about it
i dont think that you will mine
because i dont have any felling at you!!!
just like a brother and sister...maybe??
please forgive me!!!
come here and play with me again!
be my happiness and my happy day in my life!
make me smiles and laugh again!
i want you ham!!!
forgive very sory...
come back...
i waiting you...

p/s:enough my dear!be with me right now!

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