Saturday, January 22, 2011

happy with you!

i very happy with you one day!!!
even i tell my felling at you!
and you stay with me like before this
and make nothing happen between us right?
yeah!!!i so glad that u will accept me as your friends again and not ignore me!
but you.....
do you think that u wanna couple with me??
u always make me smiles and laugh non-stop!
you the best!!!!
even we in one school and same standard!
it doent's matter that i will love you right?
hell yeah!!!
i waiting you to long almost 1years!
and this year i tell my feeling at you!
im so shy!!!!
why lol i must tell you about my felling right??
this is because my friend said that i will regret if i not telling you about this
and she also help me to tell my felling to you!
thanks because hear what i say and think about it!XD
and this my picture with you! 

yeah!!!!in this picture i so ugly!!!
i ugly and you cute!!!
this after 10minutes after i finish run!
take2 picture with you and make it as memory!
so how?
so you think that we sweet?
me????tooooooo sweet!!!!
and i very happy this time!!!
chill always!!!!
and this a second picture!
this is you!!!!!!!!
so now..i want start with my story about you!

i know u as PUTRA AMIRUL!
that people always call u putra or amirul!
i????i call you putra!!!!because when i call amirul u did hear me!
hate you!!
this must after u finish road run right??
even u finish run u still look fresh..XD
i dont know why i love you!!!
maybe about your attention right??
i already hear and know all your story almost 1year!!!
yeah!!because i like u!!!
to long that i admired you right?
so funny!!!but u dont know about it!!but now??yes!!u know everything!!
i hope you will be mine and have a great time with you!XD...
and i will remember this forever!!!

ps:you!!!i want you!!!why to hard i want get you!!and why i so afraid that want make you will be mine?why i so scary that i will lose you when you will mine!!!omg!!!i dont know what want to say to you....i hope when you hear what my heart said to you,,,you will accept me as well..........
and thanks a lot be my friend for this all time
and one more think i wanna say to you

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