Friday, January 21, 2011

first in road run!

guess what????
i get first in road run!!!
i cant believe that i get first in this road run!
im so happy!!!
btw,i will be"wakil sklh,pringkt daerah mrnts desa"
thanks to god!
i dont know what want to say...fell like in dream
my wish come true!!!
and i make it in last year in this school!
thanks to the people that always jugde me that i will be the last!!!
i take your challenge and bet it will all my heart!
and to my teacher and friends that support me and will"BELANJE" me!
thanks a lot....
this my picture!with my meddle.....
i know that in this picture look so ugly!!!
yes!!i admit it!!!
i not pretty like girl outside that better than me!

 do you see it???
u see that right!!!
i smiles and very happy when i get this meddle!
i very lucky because i get this maddle!!
i want share it with my wifey!
u think who????
i must share this with my wifey and with all my happiness with him!
thanks to nadira that take this picture to me!XD
u also get 12 right??
if your leg not hurt i bet that u will be top 10!!!
i hope that u will bet me in others game!
cant wait for SUKANTARA!
want bet all runner in that school!
and i will remember this until the end!!!!

ps:my dream already come true,and you all when???i pray that u will get yours!XD

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