Monday, January 3, 2011

first day at school!!!

fell so tired and so lazy wanna get up early morning
why today must going to school?
 bath with a cold water!!
!(screaming like see at ghost) 
so cold!!!!>.< 
do what student always do when all back to school lol huhuh>.<
 what such a idiot person im..XP
 being  a senior student so best!!
exam lol!!
spm lol
 cannot have enough time to play around with junior meyh heheXD 
oh my god... 
fell that time just past so fast!
 i dont even notice about this!!
 before this i in standard 4 now in 5 then finish school!!!!
 oh..i hope i have a bright future XP
 i fell ugly wear "tudung"!!!!
 because my first time wear "tudung sekolah"!!(dh lame xg sklh)
 feel awkward and weird... 
but its ok..
maybe my first time school right? 
if always wear i will be ok!XD 
when first time i in to that shit school i fell so bored!!! 
idk why!
 maybe my environment?
feel so bored!!!!
 no study!
 no book! 
fell so sleepy! 
but cant sleep!!!
must open your eyes big and bigger than always! 
school man!!XD 
oh! and i saw the crazy girl!
and she shout
 weyh!we senior!we senior!we senior!
 almost all class hear what she said 
so shame!
 im glad that she not my bestfriend ether my class roommate 
 so i just ignore and going back to my class 
study lol!
 but until the end only"perdagangan only"! 
 "sabor jek la tia oiii!!!"
and i so happy today even my body cannot stand straight(not very well)
 my eyes so small!(sleepy)
 but i fell so happy! 
hope i have a great day tomorrow 
so always chill!!XD

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