Sunday, January 2, 2011

school coming!!!!

tomorrow school!!!!!
tak nak msuk blik sklh!!!tpy nak abis spm!!!!
btw,this year i gonna be a senior!!!
buli budak yang kurang ajar and yang tak puas hati dgn aku!!!!!
jahat kan?heheheh
i hope this year,will be a happy ending high school!
spm! oh spm!
tahun lepas si amer kan?
tahun ni giliran aku pulak
kena study elok2,dpt resuly bgush,and get a good collage or uni
and dont forget my lovely tia
must get what you want!this year so important to you my dear!!!
remember that!!!or else???
think by you self!remember!
stop enjoy!not to much...
must sleep early!!!!
stay far from computer and dont always know online only
dont always text msj with your friends or call in early morning
push away your bad attitude!
clean your mind and think what you must do
dont always take easy and lazy
dont ever2 forget take book and read it!!!!!
remember about this!!!!ok my lovely tia??XD
oh!!!!!banyak benda yang aku tak boleh nak lepas kn!!!!!
terpakse tahan lol....
last year!!!!XD
must always hard working and study smart not hard
and this year!!!!money,money,money!!!!
asik keluar jek!!!huhuhuXD
macam2 benda nak buat kan?
pandai2 la aku pikir bajet and cara tok atasi duit neyh sume
 so sad just waste like that
 oh..... apa2 hal pun..
 tomorrow we will get a new news from me and tell about my feeling at school for the first time in and will be my last study at there 
i hate it!>.<
hate school!!!!
but will my memory for ever..XD
 walau pe2 pun 
 must get what you dream!
dont waste just like that..
 important for your last!!!
 hope i will get a better result for my spm...XD

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