Friday, December 17, 2010

you and you

i will smile if you will say that im first not your friends
i will smile if you say i love you
i will smile if you kiss me
i will smile if you change yourself to be someone
i will smile if you do everything!
i miss you so much!
can wait to see you!
but i dont know when we can meet...
oh my dear...
why you must stay far from me dear??
why you not my neighbor ??
always can meet you!
always can disturb you!
always can kick you!
just kidding...
im not crazy!
if i 24hours disturb you...
you dont have time with your friends right??
im human....and u to also human
and i know what we need in life what time,when or other else
right my dear???
sorry that i mad at you....
very2 sorry
i did know that last night you already sleep
i think that you "lepaking" with yours member
tomorrow i will going out with my friends!!
you know about it right???
yes!!you really2 know
but u dont like about it...
you so jealous when i say about it..
hell yeah!because im going out with boys...not girls...
that why i make you so jealous
but even you angry at me...u did not scold at me
even that
you told at me
if wanna out just go it.....
tahts why i love you so much....
you so kind!!!!heheheheXD
love you!!!
i hope that you will going out to tomorow
we can meet!!!!!!
i miss you so much!!!
swear from in deepest my heart dear....
dear ohh dear
what are you doing right now???
i miss you to lot lol
what a stupid words!!!always want to miss you huh??
you say u wanna show your love right???
i will wait for it!!
really2 waiting about it...
how you want to show about it right??
cannot wait anymore!!
oh god!!!
i really2 happy with your change right now
even i always "membebel"..
you always hear...and you will do it!!!!
thanks to god that he give me a such beautiful diamond so bright and expensive to me!
dont ever you dare to leave me alone!!!!
i will kill you and suicide!!
what a cruel im....
dont let me go....
i want you!
only you!!
not others
you are my heart!!!
i cant leave without you in my life...
and i appreciate that we still together until now....
thanks to god that make my relationship stay with my hubby until now

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