Thursday, December 16, 2010

how dare you dear!

one day i call u!!!but u......
u make me angry every time right??
im not "tongol kayu"that always waiting you 24hours!!!
so upset with you!
but it dont matters about it
i know that,you cannot sleep right????
maybe u so tired..
but why u always pickup your friends first than me???
sometimes i think that
im not important to you!
not like your gf...
but u always say at me...
"bby..bie sll buat macam ni kat ex gf bie dlu..thats why tak tahan lama"
heyh boys....
im not your past!!
im new in your life!!that called gf!!!not ex gf
we not break yet!!!
half a year do you know about it right???
im so sad with you dear...
very very sad!
but i cannot change your attitude...
because i want you be like you not like others else
even yesterday u only talk 30minutes in the hp..(my brother hp)
i very2 happy that time
because no NYAH-NYAH!!!!disturb us right??
but u also broken your promise!
that you say u wanna text with me right?
u always like that!!!
i hate that when sometimes promise with me than broke it!!
but you???
just a words!!!
i think that i wanna kick you head!!let you die!!
so cruel im???but i cant!!
if i can do like that i already do along time ago!
oh dear!!!!
when i want be diamond that shine in your eyes...
so expensive that you always care!
no like a cheap diamond that u can throw away!
i want be first in your life!!!not your friends!
maybe i must suicide first right??
let the car crush on me!!
then me say!!!
yeah!!!het on me!!let me die and let me into to the hospital!
if R.I.P!!he will be sad right??
so let me hospital first!!!
and that time maybe i will be the first in your life right?
and must you will regret what you do at me right??
because you dont care at me that all time we couple!
u must fell it right??
but i cant do like that....
because other person that behind me always care and love me!
but i dont want them!!!i want you care and love me fucker!!
i want be your ATTENTION!!!
understand what im saying right now??
i know that you cannot understand because you dont have a heart....
your heart already death!!!
so such a words....
sorry my dear....
im very2 angry with you because u always do this at me...
the important that i wanna say
even you like that and we not like others couple...
even that everytime i hurt with you
even everytime i angry with you
or even everytime the stupid shit thing u do at me!
i always love you 
that how matters long or short
big or small
we always truth that way
dont ever2 you wanna say break with me!
i will kill u!!
very2 love you lol...dont let me alone again...please???
i really2 need you my dear...
you only one that i have!

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