Saturday, December 18, 2010

frust with you

today im going out to kl!!!
my bf say he come!!!
cant wait waiting you!
i dont have enough kredit....
so i use my little sister hp to call him
from 1 o'clock until 4 o'clock you did not pickup my call right?
that time my face turn red!
not even red only!!!and my face really2 hot!
i dont know why i mad with you so much
maybe you always promise then you always broke about it right??
then i got a new way....
your mother!
so i call you mother!!
then i hear you mother calling you and wake up you
you sleep???
so tension with you!!!!!
then i bluffing at you and i say dont contact with me anymore!
"cewah...marah sangat aku time tu"
arrogant konon nya!
then after 10minutes
call him back!
what a stupid im!=P
and him give her hp to mother in law
talk2 with him
then amer,mak!!
"susah betul!biar la ak nak ngorat mak ko"
then her mother say
"nak...amer nak cakakp dengan anak..ok.."
then me??ok lol
but amer totally dont like me call him
maybe he not in mood
because im going out with bulat
he so jealous when im with bulat
not even just meet!
also contact...
i did know why he so jealous with bulat
maybe that our past??
yes i think!
then i got new msj
from him also...he say sorry and bad mood
when i read that msj
what im waiting for???so i just sent that
i apologize....very2 sorry at him...
then he say i dont do nothing wrong and he say its ok
then her mood change to Ok!
feel happy...
until now i just smile non-stop..
love you sweet heart...>333

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