Friday, December 24, 2010


actually i wanna call my hubby lol
but your mother pick up for you
and she tell that you doing a job
what kind a job i??
ohh!!!i forget about it
im totally happy lol
your mother tell me that..
that wednesday true or not im going to see you at rawang
and i say yes and i meet you
and your mother say
yes..thats what you saying about
that you wanna see gf
(thanks bie that you told at your mother that i meet you at there)
and your mother say again
that she will tell you,that i call you
and what cant i forget about it
your mother want me go to your house
she wanna meet me!!
if i come there again
she ask me if i come at there,call her and ask you to take me at your home
and she say
if i had time
call your mom lol...she wanna talk with me lol....
he want know more and more about me
im promise with your mother i will do it if i have kredit and money
i will call and meet your mother at there
do you want pick up me at rawang and sent me at there???
thats a question that i wanna ask....
haiyoi!!!"manyak ssh lol"
but went i talk with your mother i always smile and smile
dont know why???
i feel so weird lol
thanks because care about me and wanna know me more and deep inside me
i love you mother in law!!!!

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