Friday, December 24, 2010

i give my first love to you

btw...i wanna upload and this story a long time ago
but i dont have time wanna tell about it
this story about
when they are little kids..mayu,whose father is a doctor,meets takuma that have a heart problems that hospitalized in her father's workplace..
the develop feelings at each other,but mayu learns of takuma's grave illness and that he will die before he turns 20...
the distraught children and make a promise that for an uncertain future...time passes and the girl becomes a young women and the boy,a young man
mayu continues to support and love takuma will full her hearts
on the other hand,takuma who knows his days are numbered,pushes away his feelings at mayu and distances himself from her
he cannot stand to see her cry or hurt more than he already has....
and to many conflict,since their together
but expected...
takuma already have donation for his heart and he feel so happy about it
but suddenly he know that the people want to give heart,to his
a good relationship with him
and he forget about that,want to transplant that heart
and that night(maybe)
he dying and he make a wish that he want spent time with mayu
and tomorrow he totally week-up and have a nice date that he had
after he already finish what he want to do
he told that gurl he dont have enough time and his time already come
then they going back together and takuma.....
die just like that(18years old)
mayu cry and ask that donation give heart their son to takuma
"mls nk taip pnjg2"
then takuma die and mayu start a new life
when i watch this drama..
i feel so sad and cry.....
if i have guys like this
i will take care and love him with my full heart
this story totally have in this world not just a story

p/s:if you have someone that you love,care him..dont let him go..
takuma said:his love have a limit time that other person..
love someone that we dont know that person we love will leave us 

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