Friday, December 24, 2010

wanna to eat you!!!!!!

amer oh amer
how dare you!!!
always wanna drink!!
heyh my lovely dear!!!
stop it!!!!!
dont want to see you like this anymore!!!!
i cant stand it!!!
i love you lol !!!
i dont want you be rubbish!!!
please be people my dear
i beg at you!!!
(do you understand what im saying about)
you swear at me that you dont want be like
rubbish right??
you say that you wanna change your life right??
yeah i admit that to many you change
but not enough
if you dont want change your attitude its oke
but please dont drink anymore!!!
i cant bear this anymore!
everyday i will mad and sad when hear you drink
when i hear that i cry!
cry inside!(no show at people mom will worry about me again)
please my dear
i love you more than my life....
dont do this again at me
i show that how care me at you!
even you never show that you care at me
its ok if you dont want show about it
but please dont drink anymore
again and again i will cry and my heart will pain again an again
to many reason that i dont give you to drink
doesn't means that i "kongkong" u!!!
never i thought that i want treat you like that
i just want you to change that habit that you do
begging you more and more..
i fell so sad if you always like this
dont want to hear or see you in like this
 i love you my dear

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