Thursday, December 30, 2010

what neeko say about me XD

After reading that blog u wrote about me, I had a huge smile n it touched my heart. <3 
Qura babyy, u make me so happy :D
Ur like one of my bffffffffffffff. (best friends forever forever forever forever forever..) x] 
I love love love u and care about u 24/7, day n night~
One day we will meet.
Hug each other n laugh together with ZII too :D
U make me laugh everytime u reply bak. 
u make me feel loved.
u make me want to no u even more.
i love talking to u xD
i get excited when i see ur name in my facebook notifications. 
and hang out together with zii :D
i'll come visit and live with u for awhile x] 
we are like sisters <3
and we stick together.
no matter wat hard things come in our way. 
i love talking to u about everything <3 
love, life, problems.
ur like a flower.
pretty, fragile, and needs lots of care x]<3 
ur everything to me (: 
neeko + qura = zii xDDD <3 <3 <3 

 this picture neeko-chan make for me
thank you so much my lovely pretty girl
i will make for you to!XD
oh my dear...
im so happy when i read about what you saying to me
and touched my heart!XD
thanks for everything my dear :)

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