Thursday, December 30, 2010

such a lovely place right?
if i can make my own place like this picture
i can fell so happy never and ever in my life!
but this all just a dream
if i had like this place
i will make a story life at here
and be happy all tme in my life
with the castle and with my love
must be so romantic
but my bf not romantic like others person
so shit!!!!
if i could change him!!!
i want he be a person that i want!!
but all my dream!>.<
never cant get it even i try so hard
want be your lovers are dream for each person
but if want be your family is every person in this world
if you want stay with family in this castle so good!!!
make a happy family in this castle!!hahaXD
what the hall im saying about this morning!
fell awkward and now already 4.44 am!!!
but i cant sleep!!!
and "mengarut" about this picture....
but what can i say
this picture so beautiful!!
and i really2 like it!
i hope i can have a castle like that!!!!
even not the reality!
just a dream its good enough for me
but dont want nothing!
but everything........
hope i can dream this castle and get a beautiful story

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