Wednesday, December 29, 2010


thank you so much!!!
i think that i cant get your number!
but im wrong!!!>.< 
day and day we so close
like siblings!XD 
now we can contact in hp!!!
love it so much!!!!
i can text with you every time that i want right?
and i happy because i have friends like you 
you the one that bright my day and day 
if i fell sad,u the one make me happy 
and went i happy u the one always beside me 
you so meaning to me!
if i lose you
i dont know how want to make my happy day again without you
you like sun..that always bright for me 
with your picture and your kindness for me
how you treat me...that sometimes i fell like kids... 
and to many things that i want tell about you to world!
i have no regret when i friends with you
i love you more than words!
i can see everything about you
from my heart,even your smiles
i can see it!
even you stay so far from me 
oh!im so glad that we be a friends
before this i dont know how to speak in english! 
now i can type a little bit even my english so worst
it is to enough at me to show my love to you 
and so sincerely me at youXD
i hope we can be best friends forever until my life breath!
hope some day i will meet you!XD 
and i will bring zii to meet you to!!
promise neeko-chan!
we be a bestfriends forever until the last breath!!!XD 
and i swear about itXD 
lot a love >333
sincerely from my heart to you

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