Tuesday, December 28, 2010

our plan

sara,ika, and me
next year punya plan kami sudah rancang awal2!!hahahXD
we going to genting!!
hell yeah i hope we have a nice day at there
btw...maybe have a double date
but i want triple!!!!>.<
spm un lambat lagi nak start 
dh already make a plan to early right??
 maybe nak ready2 awal2 kot
 supaye tak ada la nak terburu2 kan??
 maybe tidur kat sana!!!
 klo tidur dgn amer mesti kena renjam!!
hahXD apa lagi!
lari2 masuk tidur bilik ika!!!XD 
save at there!XD 
 what a stupid story!!XD 
i dont know what want to story more at here
and i hope,i have a nice day and trip at there with you guys!!! XD 
hope dream come true

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