Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my hunny bunny!!NEEKO-CHAN!!!love you

this my lovely cuties friends!
i love you so much dear!!
i call her neeko-chan!
sounds good right?and had a nice name
like her person 2!
so cute and lovely pretty girl
swear that i told you
you are the bestie friends that i have!
we already friends for 2years..
 so long right??
i hope we still together forever!!!
i dont want lose you!
i love to chat with you!
when we playing together..
like kids want grown up!!!
do you think like what i think dear??
we have a good story,funny story,sad story and many more we talk...
we always share our story right?
but i cant forget when we chat and kidding with others!
that fun!!XD
really2 fun!!XD
and i hope we can be together until the last breath right dear??
when u want come to malaysia??
i cant wait u any longer!
come to see me!!!awwwwwwwwwwwww>333
oh god....
please let me and neeko see each other when we had time
i want spent time with her
and i have a good memory and date with her to
cant wait!!!
and i hope
god will meet us...
and we can just wait and try push each other to visit each other place
and i can know about you life
and you can know about my life to
right dear???
now we just pray and ganbatte!!!XD
i love you forever neeko-chan

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