Monday, December 27, 2010


awat hang p cter psal chek at orang???
aku cakap jangan la asik dok cerita tentang awek jek...
cerita la tentang benda lain
tak menarik la kalau asik awek jek kan
tapi ko g cerita pasal aku buat apa??
awat lol lagitu hang ni!
mau kena katuk ka???
ni nak makan orang ni!!!
eris ohh eris
thanks gila because make my story at your blog
and i admit it..even not to long we know each other
like for year a year know rigth??
so close...
yes!!!we are beshtie that never end until die!!
friends always friends that thinking about each other
and i make this for you that i wanna say thankui because make my story at your blog
now your turn...
about you...
dont really know about it lol
but what can i say
u the one that other friends that i never meet before this
and i very2 thanks to god that i meet with you
you blur!!hahahXD
sometimes when i talk with you...
then you will make the weird face
like you dont understand what i saying about
better talk with"DINDING">.<
friends with you so fun 
sometimes u treat me like kids
sometimes u playing with me 
sometimes u just follow everything that i say 
and everything 
we always wanna share our story even sad or happy! 
that called TRUE FRIENDS!!!! 
until hear i will story about it...i dont have any idea lol
thanks eris!!!!
thanks so much!!!!
im glad because be my bestieXD

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