Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my first love

oh!!!i miss you so much dear
i swear about that
you the one that teach me how to love with someone and know what meaning of love
but you???
destroy it everything!
i trust at you!but you???
omg!!!i dont know how want to describe about you
the easy words"playing heart with all girl around you"
what the hell its is?
when first time i with you i fell so happy
but i hear you have fair with other girl...i cry
cry and cry never stop!
because you had a fair with my beshtie!!!
omg!!that time i fell **********
dont know what want to say
already year a year right? we still be a friends
but not contact with each other
lastly i saw you
when im want going back..
i see you with your friends and"rempit"
tgur mcm biase la kn?
and nothing else happen..
so let it go like that right?
i wish that you have a nice day in your life
thanks be someone that i love before thisXD

p/s:yes!i know my english so bad..and is ok if i want study and want learn how make a good sentences!so dont ever tell my bad because i know about it!

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