Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3.30 am...dont know what want to a silly girl

What type of day are you having?
::good day but fell so bored!
Was there anyone who "made your day"?
Are you liking how you look today?
::yes!!be so messy and fell so great!=.="
Do you have anyone crushing on you?
:: NO.. Definitely No one...who??
Have you ever eaten a bug?
::whats meaning of bug???
dont know!>.<
Are you vegeterian? 
::No!!!hate vege!!!love meal!!!XD 
do you fell bored?
::no!!totally no! 
::bcoz i have my neeko-chan!!!XD 
How many pets do you have? proses...waiting for it!!XD 
when your last crying?
::yesterday..fell so bad about that 
who make your cry?
::nobody,but my tears suddenly drop
who make your fell so bad?
::dont know!!!frust!>.< 
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
::no!!!i think so 
What was the last gift someone gave you?
::my ex...teddy bear!!!XD 
Do you appreciate that person?
::What person???Family and Friends and Boyfie ??then yes!
Are you on any type of drugs?
:: NO.. NEVER!!!will destroy my future!
Are you in love?
::yes i am!
Have you ever been in love? 
:: Yes.. i'm in love right now.. 
Do you even believe in love? 
:: Yes!!i do!!XD
How many things are you really thinking about right now? 
::so many!!until my brain can explode!
Did you talk to anyone you didn't like today?
::No..i guess?
Do you like picnics?
::yes!!if with someone that we love or like!must be a beautiful day!XD 
Have you finished school yet?
::Not yet last year 2011!taking a important exam in my life!!XD
What is/was your worst subject?
:: All of the subjects.. 
What kind of mood are you in?
:: idk.. many emotion mix into one and fell so bad!
Are you waiting for anything? 
Are you going to bed after this? 
How many windows are open in your computer?
:: 1
Are you a very stressed out person? 
::no..when a problems come i will turn a monster!!X3
How old is your mom? 
::42 maybe..
Do you have a beach house?
::no!if i rich i will do it!XD 
Where do you live?
::In a Country on earth called Malaysia
Do you sometimes watch the news?
::everyday watch about that ;) 
Have you ever seen a UFO? 
::NO and never! 
Do you believe in aliens?
::NO..what a stupid question are you asking about?
  Do you watch football sundays? 
::never!!always hear if my little brother change that channel
What are your thoughts on Disney Channel?
::Aww Fav channel since young 
Do you have an ipod?
::no!but i want buy it!if i have $$$ 
Do you watch TV a lot?
::yes!!always!until this morning i open tv..and watch it!if not..just hear the soundXD 

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