Sunday, December 26, 2010

hammer session

this story about two prisoners managed to escape after the police truck carrying them crashed
one of tem,is a gangster(mafia)..the other called"otowa yonko" our protagonist
is a con artist whose cheats money from criminal or terrorists
accidentally,"otowa yonko"then becomes the new teacher for the nearby high school,under the new name"hachisuka goro" and according to a deal of "hammer session"with the headmaster of that high school
when he started becomes the teacher at that many things he teach about that life
even he a swindler!
*to many story!pendek kn*
the last story he tell all true about him to their students
and the students accept him
finally he gotten caught by father kaeda
and kaeda and their friends tell so many story about otowa yonko and dont want otowa yonko go
so father kaeda let him go and say
"he want caught otowa yonko not the teacher teach at high school names hachisuka goro"
and when he want go from that school
the teacher girl(xtaw nme lol)told him that students makes problems(sje jek nk kne kn 2)
then he go and see....suddenly he saw his student say goodbye and thanks
he suddenly crying*have a happy ending*
when i watch this movie i fell so happy!!!
sometimes i laugh,sometimes i cry....then it happen again every episode
fell like a crazy person!
but this movie so best!!!i admit it!! k?XD

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