Monday, November 15, 2010


so bored today so im going out go to my friends house(ika aka zii)my hunny bunny!yes! always we play game, and do kind the stupid thing,hahaha...and we watch the stupid video but it so fun!!hurm...btw,i so happy because today i hear something from my dear..he say my voice so cute!arghh!im so shy and my face blushes!haha...because i singing and he listen what i song!hahaha..but funny..i think my voice so worst but he say so cute...i always call him and disturb him but he always pickup my hp even her friend wanna talk with him in hp but he my mind i think that he love me but i dont know what in her mind..but i hope he loves me to!!hurm..arhhh!!im forget that...that night,i doubtful because i dont know who play guitar for me...i dont know he or his friend...then when i call him and that time to i singing the song and i hear someone play i ask him who play guitar..and he the true one that..that night he really2 play guitar for me...arhhhh,,so sweet...i think that he so romantic...but he dont want sing..he so gnarly!arhhh...but when he play guitar for me i so thankful and make me smile non-stop!hahaha...yes i admit that everyday to everyday that im fall in love with him more and more..auwww...he's so perfect to me...i dont know how long i want wait him...but patience is half of just always this night started 12 am i will call him..

p/s:sorry my stupid and broken english...

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