Sunday, November 14, 2010

12 am-4.30 am

12 o'clock!!argh!time to call and talk with him!! i go to *100# and do the super saver to call him...after all finished!i press her num..017******* like always my heart beat so fast,thump thump thump!my hand shacking,in my mind just thinking about u only!OH GOD!give me full of spirit to talk with him.!!haha.what the stupid word i use it!trurt,trurt,trurt...waiting!!!and suddenly he pickup his hp and say hello..hehe..hello back!and we started talk about he and i..i think that he arrogant person but the truly its so happy talk with many question and answer i get from him..but that time i think i be the someone its me!the true me inside my body!i means my hiding feeling..hahaha...i feel that im so stupid and tell the stupid question...btw he never tired treating day i just hear her laught!but the same time he with her friends..hahha..the stupid friend and the crazy person i haven meet this before..i think that only me just crazy in world..but other person worst that me!haha..sorry the stupid person because i call u the kind of name that can make u angry..because i dont know your name..thats why i call u the stupid person..hehe...and to many story that we shared together...i still remember that u playing guitar to me..i dont know if u or your friends,,im so happy when i hear that..and i ask u love me and he say dont know...i say, i dont want dont know i just want know yes or no..haha..and he say to early!! just kidding..i know that what inside in your heart..yes..when i think back..maybe this to early and to rush with u because u dont know me yet..its oke..take time..i will waiting u..huh!im forget!i say that to him i want disturb him everyday until he tired and scold me..but he say no..he dont mind..OHH GOD!im so glad when hear what he say..when i ask to many question(to me important but maybe to him i dont know)he always and no and no..the answer he give to me show that he give me chance to win his heart!I SAY GREEN LIGHT!yeah!TIA CONTROL YOUR SELF!!argh...btw he give his blog!!auwww..i will be your loyalty reader..24hours i will chek your new so silly and stupid...and like you say in that song "why u so obsess with me" not obsess with u but i admired u to long!and now the right time that i want know everything about u..hehe..thanks give your blog to me...arghh...wake up la already 10 o'clock...why u still sleeping?huh...its ok lol...maybe u tired right?but i think that u,so blur person!(argh!!i dont know use the right words!!neeko i hope u will understand what im saying..haha...silly3!)...why always thinking about u?why?hurm...neeko answer me why?haha..see now i already starting bluffing the stupid question or whatever thats means i dont have idea..better i stop..if i continued and story and story and story i think until tomorrow cannot i think i want ending my story until here..if i have story or anything news about u i will shared with this blog...n.n

p/s:sorry my lame post and the stupid story...and im very very sorry about my english...i know my english so worst and broken but i want my neeko-chan know to!(she my bestfriend!that i love and i dont want she left behind )thats why i do this blog in i hope that the reader will understanding me..thanks...n.n

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