Monday, November 15, 2010

i feel L.O.S.T

I feel so lost right now..
i can't even think straight right now
my emotions are out of control right now
sometimes i feel great! having the time of my life
and next second i feel so down..i feel like crying
i don't know why... but lately i feel so lonely
i don't meant it like i'm the only person on earth but
i feel so lonely because this whole week seems so bored
my parents ignore me
my friends give me to many problems
my bf already get out from my life
now im alone!
i dont know where want tell my feeling to who
not blame u all or wanna judge u all like that
but the true!!!!
when i tell my problems to u all,u dont even care my feeling!!!
even that time to..u all story about your problems to me!
i want attention from u all..i want u all hear me!
even once u all dont care about my feeling!
some time when i think about this i crying...sad..hurt and everything that pain inside me!
oh god!give me strength to face all this problems and the test u give to me
im a weak human and so smalls in this world
i cannot bear your test to me that so big!
give me clue in your test to me in this world
i hope that..i will find the light as like i want

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