Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ohh friend,friend,friend

where u all been?
i miss u all!!!!
memey aka my lesbian
nurd aka my love
yaya aka my happiness
apek aka my angry
zyma aka my sweet
haikal aka my bestie
miss u all when we going out together
now u all already gone
before this we like siblings
all together
never separate
but now???
we separate...doing your on business..
even for second u dont have to spend with me
before this even u all too busy!
but u all still have time to me
what happen??
i feel so sad....
before this i always happy because u always with me
but now
im loss u all
i hope that we will be together like before this
i miss that old time
to many memory that we had together
please back to the past!
i want u all back!
i dont want lose u!
enough!i lose to many friends
i admit that we still contact together
but not always
if have important things only
i want u all!
i want be together like before this!
please come back..
sincerely from my heart

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