Wednesday, November 17, 2010

today i feel so lonely..
my teddy bear dont have at here..
she now at Singapore and jb!auww...miss her so much..
what are u doing right now??
but went u bored u text me!
u back!
but i cant see your face..
to lot story i want tell u even 2days u leave me!haha..
ohh..always miss u..
pity at neeko!!
i love u to lol!
i miss u to lol!
i want see u!!
but u stay too far!
today one day on9!i dont know what want to do..
when i want play badminton with my brother..he say
"go away!dont disturb me!if u disturb i dont want play!"
so cruel!hate him!!
and after im going back..
when i take my fabric and wanna cut it and sewing it to be my baju kebaya
it also does not work
because i dont have onionskin(kertas minyak)
to sketch and measure
  my intention is stunted!
so,i did not do that thing!
i feel to boring!i dont know what want to do when u dont have at here teddy!
ika!!!please come back at here as soon as possible..
like u my boyfriend...haha
today me and my mother already together like always
she also forgive me and not sulk with me anymore..
hehe..later i will get money from her
maybe lol..XD
so when im in home i think i just doing nothing
arghh!!!i want scream!
auww....feel to lonely today...

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