Friday, April 8, 2011

sorry dah lame xupdate blog

sorry guys dah lame xupdate my blog ni
do you want know why??
because so many thing happen at me and busy with my sport and activity
and so many shit thing happen to me
and i never know that
the person who i love do this to me!!!!!!
i hate when it happen to me
when i remember his and thing about his
i will cry and want shoot at his head!
let his die!
and fight with my mom...ade laaaa tu
and someone still wait me
i dont know if my heart want his or not(to many)
hidup aku sekarang ni serabut!
sangat completed!
and i will say that...
my smiles just fake for everyone......
i will story for another update...
this for you all know that why i never on9 for long time
for all readers i very2 sorry..XD

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