Saturday, April 9, 2011

hati berbelah bagi

right now i'm fall in love with two person
i dont know how want to say at them
but right now i dont want think about love
we can be friends and if they want stay wait me its ok
let me finish my spm and later i will think about you all oryte?
how can i say about you guy?
two person that i like make me interesting to you guys
two of you have a same feeling to me
someone that my future will (terjamin)
someone that i dont know what he want to do with his life
but he say that he want change everything 
thats good and i'm so glad went hear about that
someone that always with me and hear everything 
and someone that dont have time but will get a little bit second hear what i want to say
to of you always make me smiles and laugh non-stop
even to of you have a rude words went say at me
but sometime i will say the same words to you
to of you never tired treat me even sometime my attitude like a childish!
to of you have a same attitude that make me fall in love with you
i never thing that he still wait me so long 
i think almost half and year lol
and another person that he want me when his attitude change be someone that never another expect
that time he will find me
so weird and i'm stuck in this situations
whan can i do?
this what i feel right now
but i never thing that want couple anymore
i want get my new life and get a good result in spm
later,i will thing about love and who i want that time
and thanks to you guy that wait me...
and if you read this 
i hope that
if you cannot wait me anymore
just find someone else and when you find that girl
dont forget me and our friendship never end!
thank you two of you...n.n

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