Monday, February 7, 2011

imissyou boo!!

my boo.......
i miss you so much
more than everything
every second i always thinking about u
because u the only one my beshtie
u r my everything for me
the person that i love so much is
1)i call him-hamster
2)i call-yobu
3)is you my boo!
jgn amik hati ye boo
sbb boo org yg lmbt muncul!hehehXD
even u num 3
i always love you like others
every second never stop loving u or miss u
buu nk mcm sll
xpnh stop contact n boo!!!!
now???what happen??
slh buu jgk kn
xdew kdit meyh nk text boo
sgt sdeyh ouhh!!!!
ty buu dh dew kdit buu text boo keyh???
remember that
i always miss and love u wlo pe un keadaan un keyh

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