Thursday, February 3, 2011


i love you more
but i love you to
before this i always say that i love you...
everyday and everytime
but u??
ignore me...
and i know that we just a friends and not more than
when i have feeling with someone that call bf
you show you face and tell me the true what hiding in your heart
(not officially)
but i know!
one words so meaning to u!
and i know that words for to me!
but u???
why u dont want say the true at me?
why u must hide this all from me?
this is because we just a bestie only and u must keep all of this?
swear i say to you that
i really2 love u
but u???never hear what i saying about
u just ignore and make a joke
what a shit!
so now?
when u do this to me
i fell so confuese
my brain stop and shock!and dont know what want to say anymore
and the same time
i fell so upset and make me so hate at u!
i just thinking about this and all because about u!
u say that i hate a liar!
and hate the one hide all things at u
but u???
u never tell me!!!!
please save me in this kes!
i cannot bear all my felling at this things
so now...
my feeling??
play with myself!
dont know who i want to chose
u or he?
tired with all this feeling!><"
fell sad and cry...

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