Thursday, January 6, 2011

in my mind

only him in my mind
even for a second cannot stop thinking about him
im so scared
i fell so worried
i dont know!!
hate when i thinking about it
my mind always think negative about him
i dont know why
sometimes i crying alone in my room
i dont know lol
maybe i dont want lose him!
only he in my heart
if he go?what i must to do?
can i still breathe again like always?
can i still smiles again like always?
i dont want lose him!
sometimes i think that he dont love me!
or maybe my feeling?
ohh my god
why i must be like this
but sometimes i think only me that serious with him
but sometimes i think only me that always want to know about him
but sometimes i think only me that clap just one hand
but sometimes......
i think i already death
hell yeah
he always dont have time to me
even for a second?
not 24hour!
i just want nobody disturb us for a second in 24/7
that so enough
i dont ask more
he said:i want he be like what
i said:be your self
but....dont he know that i want more than yourself
i dont want you ignore me anymore
please look at me
just for a while
i think that you want stay far from me
or this my feeling dear?
i dont know what want to do anymore
i dont know how want make me understand with me
i dont know how want to make you that im so important to you
i fell so sad when you treat like im not exist in this world
sometimes i just let my tears drop and think negative
dont want lose you!
you are my everything!
if i lose you,what meaning for i still go on with my life
almost 7month my dear
you always be like this
dont you care at me anymore?
if you really busy with your friends
can you text me one week three msj?
can you call me one week once?
can you???
i know your friends always the one
but i dont want be the last!
i also want be the first in your life!
please open your eyes!!!do you see me?
please open your ears!!!do you hear me?
the most important,please thinking about me in your mind
can you?
oh my god.....when i think about this again
my tears will drops again and again
can i stop my tears again?
can you come to me and say to my ear that
"i love you,i miss you,i want you be mine forever,in my eyes only have you,and u not the last,but u the first in my life right now.."
can you???i hope one day u will say this to me
with your sincerely and full of your love..
show your love at me!
be someone that so romantic?
do you want know????
i always jealous when i see my friends with the couple
have a fun moment and share everything
always take care each others
and everything the always couple do
even we not that to romantic or not your type
i just want you look at me,can you?
can you forget about your friends for a second?
can we have a happy moment together?
can you make me smiles for a day?
why so hard that want make you understand what i want!!!!
i cannot say about this to you
i want you know yourself!!
please wake up!!!sometimes you fell that i control you a lot right?
that not call i control you!
i just worried about you!
but u always dont want hear what i saying
you just do with your on way
you so stubborn!but i dont care if you want hear or not
its up to you...but3
argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont know what want to say again about this anymore!
what i hope right now that,i just want you look at me and thinking about me
and please make me exist in your life
and please dont make me like this anymore

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