Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hye..morning everybody

actually i have something want to tell in this blog
sebenarnyer kn..
ak dh lame ad mslh prhubungan dgn bf ak s amer neyh
ak mkin mkn hati n kecewa dgn ie
ie pki num bou un xcntt ak
dh almost smggu
mak ie ckp ie nk cntt ak
pnad ak tgu
xdew un
sial btoi!
ak skit aty dgn ko la glew!
ak xthan dh nk jlni hubugan yg mmg xpnh d anggap sprty cpl
please la
ak xmhu ko perlakukn ak bengini
and now i will make my decision right now!
that i will break with him and never turn back going to him back!
i dont want that be the one just clap one hand
and the other side??????
sorry my dear
even that i love you more and my love never end
but i had to do this
until went i must be like this?
im not strong like before this
and i hope that
u will let me go
thanks a lot my dear because love me before this
hope u will get a new love and happy with her
and me will pray for it and i also be the one that happy if you happy with your life

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