Friday, January 28, 2011

the funny thing's today

sy ckp dpn2 dgn awk neyh
sy ckp dgn awk
sy ske awk!!!!!awk ske sy x??
awk gelak!
smpi hati awk
awk kte sy gurau...ske sgt men2
sy geram je dgn awk
sy serius dgn awk taw x!!!!
tpy hary neyh ak pnyer rhsie tbocor awk!
dpn2 sy rhsie awk tbocor
kwn sy tnyer knp adk angkt men bie syg?
time uhh mke sy mmg mara kn la awk
sbb sy ske awk
tpy sy try to chill
and kwn sy mara btol dgn awk sbb awk men kn pasaan sy
kwn sy tnyr knp cm 2 and mdesak awk je kn
awk ckp awk xtaw!
awk keliru!
lol....klo keliru knp cm 2 plk kn?
abis!dgn sy neyh pe awk?
xpew awk.....
sy mmg ske dkt awk!!!
even awk typo sy!
kwn sy ckp sy bodo awk!!sbb ske dkt awk
tpy pnyer prsaan awk
sy xksh d perlakukn bgitu
even that kn awk
sy gembire bsme dgn awk sll even awk cm siot!>.<
msty itew xkn dpt cntt cm sll kn awk
sbb sy xk 2pup awk
sume bgantung pde kwgan yg ibuayh yg akn bgy sy awk
awk phm2 la sbb pe ehh awk
you are my sweet memory that i have
if i had will be a lucky peson
why i said like that?
ask my friends lol....she will tell you everything...
thanks that give me a chance that i tell my feeling to you

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