Friday, January 28, 2011

fell sad and cry again

why i must chat with u?
why u must online again?
i miss you so much but you?
never look at me as your gf!
not that...
i not love you!
only god know what i fell all this time!
u never think my feelings!
why i must cry about you?
i want it over right now!
please stop it!
i not hate u!
but i love you more and more!!!!
but i just ignore about it!
i want u!!!!
my heart screaming!
only u and just want u!
but u?
omg!!!!!give me strength!
i always pretend that nothing happy between us
i always pretend that our relationship always happy and nothing between us
but today!
i fell more pain than happiness!
u never know about it!!!
i always quiet and dont want tell u anything!
my lovely.....
sorry if i had to do this
not mean that want get u hurt
not mean that want get u sad
and everything
i just cannot bear this all.....
i dont want my heart play in this game
im not asking u more
just show your love to me!
just show your kindness to me!
just show your attention to me!
just show that i to important in your life!!!!!
chear me up my dear!
not down me!
i dont know how want tell you all about my feelings!
 and im sorry and fell really regret!
if i get another chance
i will tell all my sad and what i fell to u
and right now...
take our time and think all about this
that u will be serious or just want play in this love

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