Sunday, December 5, 2010

yesterday the worst day!maybe??=P

i think i want out!
finally get the money!
so i set my self and ready2 going out
fell so hot that day
i dont know why
maybe afternoon
thats why so hot right?
so like always just wait the bus
and after reach at there(KL)
the first place i go bowling
wanna see my friends whos at there
i dont see anyone at there so i walk around and wait my little sister that i love
after 30minutes
my friends call and tell me where i
so i going to bowling and see me friends at there and after a few minutes my little sister also come
miss him so much!
so i hug her and kiss him
when i hug my sister i saw my ex!
the shit boys!!
and with her gf!
u wanna lie me???
cannot lol!
i know about u everything!
and i really2 know you are!
dont use the shit words say to me!
and wanna get me live with u!
btw,i already have my love!AMER HASSAN!
do u know that??
and i wait my husband!
too long!
i very2 mad!and sad
i think he come
but today i here from my little brother say he dont come
because have a reason
and i know what that reason
i dont know how to translate
so sad....
maybe next time we can meet dear???
miss u so much!
day + day + day never less my love from you dear!
continue my story back
then my friends ajib come!!!
u come!
i think do you want come to see me
but that time 5 o'clock
i wanna back my dear
but my friends dont want let me go
yeah well
new arrive at there
so i complain that my father will scold and slap me!
or maybe can kill me
so he so afraid and let me free!
so 6.30 o'clock im going back
arrive at home 7 o'clock
before im at home i get one new msj that say
sister!!!!i saw popcorn with gf!
oh shit!
i dont believe that
so i made call me back!
dont have any credit lol
so she call and say that its true
so i so upset
and i just ignore my feeling
because i dont want get hurt more and more and i cant hold on my paint!
after bath and play games
im going to sleep!
maybe 2 or 3 hours i have a sleep well
all my friends call me!
so shit!
im tired!!do u know that???
ika call
i feel so weird so i just pick up her hp
tia!!!!!!beast want to came to malaysia!!!!
i want go!!!
i say:really?????when???
15/1 but ticket tomorrow
i:so go la
she:nobody that want accompany me
i:i dont have any money lol
she:lol..i buy ticket and after that u pay it
i:no!to many debt i have to pay u
i:huh!u go call ray,maybe he can help
after a few minutes
tia!!!!yeah!!!!we made it!
i:thats great
so i and ika going to concert beast!!!!!
i will see u!!!!
than today
i call popcorn that i want know who that girl he hang out yesterday
he say:friends
i:do you love her?
i:why dont want take her be your gf?
he:dont want!!shy!
then after a few minutes i off my hp
and scream!!!!!
oh god!!!!
i very2 hurt when hear that he love that girls
so i made decision that i dont want wait you anymore!
i hate when u say that u love that girl!
so i delete he number hp!
and forget all my memory about he!
u are liar!
u say u need me in your life??
u promise that u want be my bf??
hate you!
and now want think
amer to loyalty to me
but me?
why i do this at amer?
so pity at him
so now
i want forget u popcorn
thanks a lot coz' u made me i love you before this
and thanks to amer u to loyalty to me and wanna be my husband
lesson today
love the guys who love we and appreciate them and dont ever love guys who not love us,because even we love they but they dont love we maybe we can get him but the same time maybe they all want playing our felling and not think do you want love who not love you or want love who love us??
thanks to god that open my eyes and see the true
right now
i just want to love amer only
not other guys
like i said before this
if amer leave me
i will die
because amer my heart
so if he leave me i will die
love you!!muahh!!>333
AMER HASSAN only you!!

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