Thursday, December 2, 2010

why dear!tell me?

i think im so bored that time
because my friend busy with her hp
im jealous!
because she contact with her bf
my bf??
dont exist!
just status only..
then i take my hp and i see AR names
so i think
too long that im not contact with him
so i call and hello!!!!
suddenly he say that he miss me
that time i fell weird
and he say i love youuuuuu!
my heart melt!
but i pretend nothing happen
and i say u are liar
you love me just a friend
and he say
if not???
if he love me more than a friend?
what can i say?
and i quiet for a while
and i say
u dont have any feeling at me!
i know that!
he say
where i know that he dont have any feeling at me?
i say!
i know la!!!
and he..no3
you wrong
so i quiet for a while
btw i really2 shock when he say like that
too long we talk!
really2 miss her voice!
btw about that i say he want get 3credit and get into the same collage with AN
he say that
he to confuse about with her relationship with AN
he say he just love AN just a friends...bestie friends,not more than!
but the same time he dont know what want to do
he dont love you more than friends!
why i must love him again???
why i cant forget all about him???
why dear why???
i want couple with you
you say dont want because you have a reason
to completed??
make it easy lol
want to love someone is easy if you know how to do it
dont be to expensive lol!
u always say u love me,miss me and kiss me...
even only 3weeks we not see
u too angry with me!
scold me!
when i say u love me like what
u must quiet
and when you say i love you like what
i always say that more than friends
and you like it when you hear that
when i want off my hp
u dont want off!!!
because you say you dont want i talk or contact with another people
weird right?
ohh dear!!!
what can i do right now???
just accept lol and couple with me
do you know that i suffering when i want forget all about you!
but you still like this
if you love me just take it lol
i dont want be someone that only crazy at you!
i know you love me like i did it
but you stubborn!
i know it,even u dont show at me
>.< ohhh!!!! 
im so confuse!!!
i want amer or ar??
i love amer too but sme like ar
but i love more ar than amer
and i pretend that i love amer more than ar 
oh my god!!!!
how can i face this all?
please somebody help me??

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