Wednesday, December 1, 2010

with u dear

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
almost half a year we together right?
i feel so happy!
love you so much dear!
dont leave me...
i swear that only you in my heart and not another guys anymore!
please take care of me dear
and i swear that if u leave me
thats mean i will die
because you are my heart
if you go thats mean my heart will stop beating
remember that my dear!!!
dont be noty2 boy!>.<
do you want know something???
your mother in law...
accept me and you hehehe!XD
and she say...
if i want married with you
see him as soon as possible
fell so happy!
thanks god! 
so now.. 
you must work hard and must go university...
save your money and get married with me!
but dont to early!
not ready yet!n.n
love you so much!!!!
and i still remember your promise...
that u will married me...
after all problems finish
remember that???
dont say no!!!
i will bite you!!!=P

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