Tuesday, November 30, 2010

flashback my memory with him

sorry dear coz' im not loyalty with u before this
im alone
sorry for everything
now i already realise that my heart just only you
and now i want be a loyalty person!XD
dont want hurt you anymore!
slowly and slowly inside
forgive me what i do this before at you
and now i not regret anymore because i be your gf
to long that we couple right?
almost half a year
u already be mine OFFICIALY!
and already taken with AMER HASSAN
since 14/6/2010 an 8.13 pm right dear???
that time i feel like flying and think that i cant believe that i get you
yeah...i wait you to long!
before you couple with anna..XD
i loyalty with you only for a 3 or 4 months
but u did know about this
sorry dear..i still love you but at the same time u dont care at me
thats why lol i not loyalty at u
then later when u already started exam i try to forget someone and break off with all people that i couple
and i want be a loyalty person right now
yeah,well i do this coz' almost 6months we couple and i think i want to be serious in this relationship
i want take you be my husband and i hope our relationship never break!
i swear that only you and you and not other guys in my heart!
and firstly i know you just my friend
  we always contact each other
then when you want tell your feeling you dont know
because you are so shy and sweet to me
and dont know what want to tell
blur right now!
and first time we had date
i will update that picture!
even that this story about flashback right??
and that time i feel so ugly in that time!
and i still remember 16/6/2010 we meet
but u must back early coz' u get phone call to work
that time to i feel so sad
wanna cry..T.T
yeal well
we had a short time together right?
and i think after a months we meet 2 or 3 times only
than u not see me again
i miss you a lot dear!
only god know how miss me at u!
this picture that we first date right?
so ugly right?X3
but i remember everything what you did
so funny but the same time feel romantic
so stupid im right?
until here i wrote about you dear
thanks be my bf almost 6months and so loyalty to me
and this time!i want be loyalty at u!

p/s:support me!and pray for us that our relationship will stay until the last breath...

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