Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ap yg ak pkirkn?

>Do you have bf?
>Do you know everything about him?
::no...a little bit only
>Do you really love him?
>What his name?
::short name amer sahaja..kalau penuh pulak..amer hassan
>Important is it to you
::yes!!more than my life!
>Where you bf
::dont know...maybe lepak dengan kawan
>Do you miss him
::separuh mati!
>When was the last time you kissed him?
::lepas raya seminggu,depan rumah sendiri...itu pun cium tangan je..hehe..kira cium jugak kan?
>Do you having sexs with him?
::xpenah la..kan sudah ckp..cium tangan je
>This your true love?
>Do you want take him be your husband?
::yes!klo jodoh panjang
>Do you appreciate him?
::di antre ye or x je
>When your last date?
::xingat kot...dh lame glew!
>Are you really in love with him?
>Have you ever been in love like this before?
::yes!tapi laki 2 bodo!
>Do you even believe in love?
::yes!jike kite pndai mencri dan mnghargainyer
>How many things are you really thinking about him right now?
::bnyak sampaiii nak pecah kpale!
>Did you talk bad about your bf?
>Do you having a romantic date?
>Do you thing you bf romantic?
::not!he not like that type
>Do you bored when you with him?
::sometime....but ignore kan je
>What kind of type he is?
::pemalu,pendiam,xpns baran..the most important..dia layan kerenah aku!XD
>Are you waiting for anything from him?
>What are you waiting for?
::secret!!only me know what i want..biar la dia teka..dh sll ckp
>He in exam right now?
>after spm what are you going to do?
::dont know...tplang pde dia
>Are you stress when with him?
::sometime..sbb ske aty jek nk ttp hp..xsmpt nk ckp pe2 un
>Do you really want know about his parents?
::yes!!tringin jke bkesempatan
>Do you happy with him?
::yes!!sgt la bhgia!XD
>Do you have any plan?
::ad!!tggu dia abis bljr adew la rncgan kmi
>Sure he a loyalty person?
::yakin gilew!!!XD
>Do you had a fight with him?
::pernah!smpi hmpir break
>about what?
::slh fham je
>How long your relationship??
::dont know..tpi start 14/6 smpi skrg...kira la bpe hari
>Do you regret with him?
::xpnh sme skli!!bhgie lgy ad la
>Had dreams about him?
::yes!jrg la
>When you lost him what are you doing?
::mngis xtkire!>.<
>Do you think he serious with u?
::yes!!kwn dia ckp dia xpnh jdy cm neyh!
>Have any change when he with u?
::yes!tlmpau byk!tpy pangai gurau dia xpnh brbh...XD
>What do you think about him?
::ntah..biarkn je
>Do you want change anything about his life?
::x!ckup dgn prbhan yg byk dia lakukn tok ak!biar ie jdy dry ie yg ak knl
>Do you think that u want leave him?
::no!tdk sme skli!
>What he for you
::My heart!i will die jke ie xd!ie stu2nyer jantung yg xkn adew gantinyer!

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