Tuesday, November 16, 2010

im so happy + angry + tired!

arghhh!!!today i got good news from hunny bunny!(that always say STOP CALLING ME HUNNY BUNNY!haha...she so cute like a teddy bear...bububu)huh..my mom and fat give me go to taiping even them all still angry with me..yeah!!love it so much!i already packing my bag,to many stuff that i bought!to early like??haha..what a stupid person im...btw,thanks ika!calling my parents!and another good story to me,saturday i can overnight!yeah!love it!i will do what i want that day..hohoho..XD!and so many things i do with ika today..right dear??hurm..when i want go home,i forget that i want take something at ika..so i walk back..in my way.suddenly the crazy person nme ASWAD!calling me..DARLING!!!I HATE WHEN I HERE THAT!OHH GOD.PLEASE HELP ME..and he say where i want go and to many stupid question he ask!when i say i want walk..he scold me!hate it!so i have to ride with him..hey LOSER!!!!remember that i not your gf!dont treat me like im yours!just go at your gf FUCKER!dont disturb me!i already have mine that i love!remember that!!!huh...when i arrive at home..i forget that i have to cook cookies!!(biskut almond london)huh!lazy,lazy,lazy..but i have to because my neighbor order from me..(even im so lazy!but i had to do because thats my job)btw,my neighbor offer me a job,she want expand my business!!oh!!thats great!!money,money,money!!my income??oh..to many!i can be a rich people,someday???hahaha...huh, to many job i had to do today..and now..my friend leave me..she going go to singapore..bored!!!!oh dear..why u go too long?i miss u la fucker!auwww...and this night like always..12am...calling calling u,talk talk with u..huh..>.<..>333...AR

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