Thursday, November 18, 2010

im feel so guilty

ohh my lovely friend
im feel so guilty
because i love someone that u love to
not mean that i want hurts u
i just want tell u that
i love him
from my first time see him
but it does mean
that i stole him from u
ohh dear
how do i want tell u about this?
i dont want lose u
but i dont want lose him to
i did no how want tell my hiding feeling at him to u
ohh god
please help me from this situation
i dont want lose two people that i love
ohh my heart so hurt!
maybe my mistake because i love u AR
i did know that before this u two are couple
but what can i do now?
i love u so much
i dont want lose u
i want u be mine
but the same time
maybe i will hurt my friend feeling to
what can i do right now?
please someone help me!
i wanna scream!cry!
inside me so hurt!

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