Monday, February 14, 2011

my beloved friends

 dont cry my friends
 me,zii and neeko always with you
can you smile for all your friends??
dont cry!!
i dont know how want to calm your heart
what can i say to you
just ignore that feeling and dont take serious in this relationship
i know that u so hurt
very2 hurt
and i know how you feel
and i know why u be like this
but to many boy out there
not only him
and one more things
u already 17 years old my dear
your journey too long...
the most important that i want you know
this year you taking the important exam
just pay attention for that
about love?ignore lol
and you will say to me that
"ko hati batu"
yes!!!!!thats ryte
because all boy do this to me....always play my heart
so i dont have any feeling to them all and even i already have boyfie
not love his so much and trust them 100%
because i know i will hurt again and will become the crazier person 
and i dont want you be like me that always "games"
so chill and happy ryte?
3 of us always be with you
even you sad,happy,crazy,show off...and everything about you
never know the times
if you love his so much
just discuss with him and tell why he become like this
if he same and mad at you
thats means he dont want you anymore
and firstly i want u calm you heart 
try to chill and smile
3 of us cant stand with all your tears drop
and we always with u sara
sara oh sara
we all love you so much...
we all have wish 
can you fully for we all
that promise u wont cry again and be like this anymore?
we love you so much<3<3<3

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