Friday, February 11, 2011

cannot stop thinking of you

why my dear?
why u said like that?
i love you so much!
even you are my friends only
every second.minutes,hours,day,month or blah blah blah
cannot stop thinking about you
why u do this to me!
apa yang aku terkilan kan 
u swear that u want call me yesterday right?
but u!!!
broken your promise!
waiting you for 4hours!
until 4morning!!!!!but u?
hum,oh my god
what can i do right now?
if i cry about you???(tired)
always cry all about you!
until went???
to tired!!!u know that???
yes!!!!i know that u never know about it!
u dont care about my feelings
when i hear what u say to me
i fell like.......OH MY!
wen i told you back...
do you fell what i fell?
i think nope...
why i be like this!!!!!
oh no!!!
wake up!!
u are in reality!
not just a dream!!
please wake up!
what i can do right now??
please help me???

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