Wednesday, January 19, 2011

want be you forever

i wish that i will have a boyfie!
and i hope that my new boyfie will love me and dont think about my less
i love you more than words!
if i had you
i want always beside you
i want you always take care of me and dont forget you attention!
i just want a happy life day with my lovely
before this
i always love my fwenz
because my lover dont want love with me!
so sad,sometimes i will cry about this
when i thinking about it
when i love my ex before this
no one that not love me!
i dont want suffering like this
i want a happy life and beautiful love 
i want reach all that!
if i could
i dont want that only clap just one hand
and i will find the true love with all brightness
and who that be my lover
please love me as me!
dont hurt my heart and dont ever2 play with my feeling!
i dont want hurt anymore!
and i hope i will get the true love one day...

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