Saturday, January 29, 2011


msing2 bodo!
msing2 sbut jek prktaan break dh bklay2
blew nk officially mule la kn
sorg un xnk myahut!
ak dh ckp sume ikot ie
klo ak,ak nk jek
tpy blew time ie jek
ie xlyn ak !
ie ignorekn prkataan break uh!
amer or amer!!
ko ske buat ak mcm neyh kn
knp la ko xnk break dgn ak
pnad ak say bribu2 kly ayt break uh
its ok la my dear!
biar la hnye status shje kn
msing2 ngaku dry single kn?
bgush la uhhh
sme2 bodo!
and thx my dear 4 everything
the time i love u
the time i need u
the time i miss u 
the time i never forget u
and all everything about you my dear!
always in my mind and never end!
even until doomsday!
i admit that i love you more and no one cant get my love like u

my memory!XD
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lame kn itew dh bsme??auww3!!!imy so much!!!XD

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