Monday, January 17, 2011


dengan bangge nyer sy akn memulkn crite sy ehhh
firstly sy ingin menceritakn about friendship rings aka couple rings 
this rings about our friendship that never ends!
even neeko or cha stay far from me and zii doens't mean that we cannot contact each other and make a beautiful friendship??
im correct right??
not only just story of friendship
it's also about our feeling with each other
dont think nonsense!
that rings.....
one couple set for zii and cha that to long that,they couple and friends 
and one couple set for me and neeko that to long friends and a new couple in this year!!
do you think im a lesbian???
just only a bisexual!!!
right neeko-chan???
you are my wifey for ever!!!!!!
this rings also already have a such beautiful words that
suit with 4 members!!!
means that we agree to be a friends and never separate for ever even die!!!
im right??
and this rings choice by zii!!!!
and i hope neeko and cha we love this rings even just a simple rings
and i think i dont have time to make a name in this rings because
busy with study and sport and dont have enough time for make a name for this rings
sorry to neeko 
and i think i will sent it to late!!maybe??
sorry again my dear lovely girls
not means that i late about this rings 
but serious i said i dont have anytime to sent it early or make name at this rings
and i hope 
went you get this rings u will love it
and i hope that
we will together until the last breath!

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